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The Elementalist

An Example of the Earth scene. In this area you could pick up little rocks that emitted dirt clouds.

In the Air scene all the clouds can be caught in your fingers and sent into the wind.

In the Fire scene embers can be plucked out of the fire to be thrown into the abyss or held in your hand.

After many hurdles my Leap Motion game is completed. The Elementalist allows for the player to interact with the elements fire, earth, and air. Each scene was created with a sort of artistic style that I think really allows for the imagination of the player to shine. Using either a keyboard or a Makey Makey (as it was presented) you can change between elemental scenes.

If anyone wishes to play the game and owns a leap motion controller you can play the game for free by downloading from this link:

The key bingings are as folows:

Fire: Right arrow -->

Earth: Left arrow <--

Air: Space bar

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