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Another Leap Motion Update

So here's a still image of the progress I've made (I plan on uploading a video soon). The scene Fire is starting to fill out and the little ember-like fires can be picked up using the leap motion. My next step to to get the rest of the scene(s) built and fleshed out so that I can get it working. It's getting close to crunch time but I think I can make it.

So far the models need to be re UVed (as you can see) and I need to build the cloud scene (and or the earth scene if I have time before the 11th). I need to built the large fire effect for the middle of the basin that the little embers will fit inside until you lift them out. I also still need to add an invisible mesh between all the pillars so the embers won't fling out. I've also begun getting the cloud version of this level flushed out as well, however it will have a more daytime like atmosphere. I'll update soon with the video showing the interactiveness of the leap motion.

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