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This spunky little phoenix breaks apart his egg with gusto. The chick was rigged and animated in Autodesk Maya. The egg, environment, and shatter was created in Houdini using procedural methods and RBD simulations.

This MASH simulation was created in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Arnold.

This is a Mash simulation using the trails node, influence node,  and signal nodes. It was then rendered with Toon shaders using the Maya software renderer. 

This coiling Bifrost Sim was created using deformers and motion fields in Autodesk Maya. Rendered with Arnold. 

This sword embedded in ice was an experiment with subsurface scattering in the Arnold texture creator. Created in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Arnold.

This flooding simulation was created in Autodesk Maya Bifrost fluids over a projection mapped environment to show how a large cascade of water would flood this particular hallway.

Footage by James Livingston

Rendered with Arnold

This Matte painting was created in Adobe Photoshop. This was then turned into bitmap materials that were placed onto geometry sculpted in Cinema 4D.

All images were either open source or bought imagery. 

This matte painting was created using free stock images. Projection mapping was done in Autodesk Maya. 


Photos were found on MorgueFile.

Music by Bensound.

This was a matte painting depicting our lovely Dorothy walking through the poison poppy field.


Compositor and Matte Painter: Laura Osteen
Dorothy and music: Troy Prator
Camera Operator and Color: Ines Galiano
Layout Design and Image Procurer: Xiyan Cui

This game particle effect was created in Unreal Cascade.


This stylized snow environment effect was made in Unreal Cascade.

This is waterfall was made during my undergraduate degree for my demo reel. All models were found in the Unreal Development Kit Editor and the waterfall was made in Unreal Cascade.

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