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Visual Effects, Animations, and Simulations

Created in Autodesk Maya or Houdini

The desert was created using Houdini procedural heightmap generation. The particles with Pop solvers and curve forces. The stars and moon were modeled in Autodesk Maya and animated procedurally in Houdini.

These magical braziers were modeled procedurally in Houdini. The fire was created using the Pyro solver and volumetric lighting.

This cute little dear sits happily among some pretty flowers. The flowers were generated using Bullet and Maya MASH. Animated by me.

This dancer sports a pretty yellow dress that pops against a purple background. Her outfit was simulated using nCloth and rendered with Arnold.

This ballerina dances with a golden magic. Animated and rigged by me using a Mixamo body in Autodesk Maya. Particles were advected from Maya Fluid and rendered with Arnold.

This glowing Portal was modeled and simulated in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Arnold.

This jellyfish come from a fantasy world where their tentacles are made of particles. They were modeled and animated using Python and nParticle/Fluid Advection in Autodesk Maya. Rendered with Arnold.

This fluid simulation was created with Houdini and rendered with three different Materials to showcase it's viscosity in different ways.

This glowing kaleidoscope was created with After Effects blending the After Effects CC tools and Trapcode Particular.

This wind simulation was an nCloth test with wind physics. Made with Autodesk Maya nCloth and rendered with Arnold.

This is a finalized version of my dragon animation, complete with After Effects rotoscope and compositing for the flame and droplet. Animated in Autodesk Maya.

Rig by Troung.

This bedroom shelf holds a few precious items: a glass dragon statue, a lovely necklace pendant, a perfume bottle, and a small succulent plant. They were modeled in Autodesk Maya and rendered with Arnold.

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