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3D Models

This short film was completed as part of my 2017 Master's Capstone Project. My main focus was to show expressive therapy, or in this case Expressive Dance Therapy. We follow a dancer struggling with depression and through her movements works through it. All visual effects were created using Maya fluid and nParticles. Model was created using MakeHuman, rig was created using TheSetUpMachine plugin, and rendered using Arnold.

Dancers: Jessica Shelton and Jesse Shelton
Camera Operators: Laura Osteen and Jennifer Osteen
Score: Alyssa Kurzenknabe "A Dragon without Wings"
Animation: Laura Osteen
Visual Effects and Compositing: Laura Osteen

Started January 2017 and completed in April 2017.

This video was originally filmed for a Visa student film contest where it made the Short List. 

Actress Megan Davis
Filmed by Laura Osteen and Andrew Davis

Edited by Laura Osteen
Completed November 2016. 

Batman and Robin are ready to take on the evil of Gotham. We don't claim to own any of the characters or music as they belong to their respected owners. This quirky little short was made by the entire Post Production 2015 class. Filming took hours and post production took days.


I led the post production team and was responsible for all keying and compositing. Please see the end title card for all credits.


Completed October 2015

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